Rockets - Lyfta

The Lyfta-XS rocket is NRC's main test vehicle, it is an experimental design that is meant to be used on the next S, M and L models in the Lyfta rocket family.


Flight № Date Rocket Payload
1 2014-01-05 Lyfta-XS (1-S) EXP-1
2 2014-08-30 Lyfta-XS (1-S) EXP-1B
3 2014-11-29 Lyfta-XS (1-S) EXP-1C
4 2015-06-13 Lyfta-XS (1-S) EXP-2
5 2016-02-14 Lyfta-XS (1-S) Kickstarter & EXP-3

Launch site

Our launch site is located in northern Sweden just outside Vännäs (at 63.8°N).